All woman know that wedding gowns are the most prominent thing one thinks about from the onset of bridal planning.

rococo BRIDES is constantly looking to find the most unique wedding gowns in the industry.

We travel all over Europe and the United States Of America to find wedding gowns that are not seen in any other bridal salons.

Most bridal salons will carry the same designer gowns …we are thrilled to know and hear from our brides how refreshing it is to see and try on different unique styles.

It’s no secret ladies…there are so many bridal designers and many many wedding gowns out there, but at rococo BRIDES we pride ourselves on finding only the best designers that have a variety of styles and the best quality for our brides.  

We work with only the best in the industry. Everything from their customer service to the designs, the fabrics, the details and pricing…it’s all very important to us.

Bridal salons and the entire process of finding the perfect wedding gown can be overwhelming, but only if you allow it to be.  We recommend you visit your top 3 bridal shops and you will truly enjoy your experience!

As promised rococo BRIDES travels the world to find the most amazing designers and wedding gowns for our bridal salon and brides.

We are incredibly excited to announce our Newest Designer Wedding Gowns, Ange Etoiles, Rara Avis to our bridal shop!

Rara Avis is a new brand on the Belarusian, European market and was created for the most daring and unconventional brides, it embodies femininity, sexuality and freedom of style. All wedding gowns from Rara Avis have effective and extraordinary shapes, differing refinement that can satisfy any bride. 

Rara Avis wedding gowns have personality, they are fine and luxurious, sensual and exciting, gentle and romantic, unique wedding gowns which are handmade by Ange Etoiles & Rara Avis perfect for any modern bride.

Ange Etoiles & Rara Avis wedding gowns will not be seen in any other bridal shops…they are exclusive to rococo BRIDES and we can’t wait for their arrival!

We know that Wedding gowns by Ange Etoiles & Rara Avis will highlight your personality and will look incredible on, it will be the most important gown you will ever wear… on one of the most important days of your life.


~ r o c o c o BRIDES